Emergency Action: Act quickly because the acids in vomit can discolour your fabrics.  Unfortunately, while you need to clean vomit off carpets or upholstery as quickly as possible, such stains are often not detected until some time has passed. The smell of vomit will also linger longer and more deeply if the stain is left to settle before you attempt to remove it.

Remove Solid Matter Then Dilute & Absorb Moisture

The best approach is to scrape the solids off the carpet before attempting to blot.  Soft proteins and acids smudge and work their way further into the pile if not properly reduced.

The remaining mess should be blotted as well as possible with a wet cloth to remove more liquid waste before diluting the remaining vomit with water.  This water should be dabbed off and a final chemical treatment containing a bacteria/enzyme digesting compound may complete the stain removal satisfactorily.

Finally, the fabric or carpet should be flushed with plenty of water to remove any stubborn remains before being dabbed dry and left to air.

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