We have put together a few free tips and advice pages for the removal of some of the more common household stains.  Often these methods use products you have in your home anyway.  Some require the use of a spot-remover or ammonia, commonly purchased at DIY stores or similar.


Please note that all advice, tips and information offered below is provided in good faith.  Anyone using the techniques described to attempt to remove stains, marks or dirt from their home does so at their own risk.  Absolutely no warranty or responsibility for accidents or damage to property lies with Cleaning Direct.

You should always read instructions carefully and ensure they are fully understood prior to carpet cleaning.  For professional help in the West Midlands region with household stains, marks or blemishes call Cleaning Direct in Birmingham on 0121 440 3379 for competitive prices and exceptional service.

General Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

A floor mat placed at each door to the outside can trap a lot of the soil that would otherwise find its way into your carpet. This applies to business premises as well as households. It is, of course, important to keep these mats clean. Even just a thorough beating of the mats outside will help maintain your carpets.

Preventing Depression Marks In Your Carpets Being Caused By Heavy Furniture

Placing furniture glides or ‘cups’ under heavy furniture helps prevent depression marks from marring your carpet. It is also worth moving your furniture a few centimetres occasionally. If your carpet already has depression marks, you can work the pile back into place with a coin, then apply steam with a steam iron held two to four inches above the carpet for a few minutes. Do not allow the hot iron to touch the carpet directly.

If a large amount of liquid has been applied to the carpet as part of the cleaning process, use ventilation, fans, heating, dehumidifier and air conditioning units to help dry the carpet. Of course, all electrical equipment should be kept a safe distance from any liquids or wet areas. If left wet for more than a full day, mould or mildew can develop.

Cleaning A Car’s Carpet

When vacuuming a car’s carpet, tap the carpet firmly and regularly with the vacuum nozzle to dislodge grit, sand and similar dirt that becomes embedded.