Dried blood is even more difficult to remove than wet blood.  Removing fresh blood requires patience and care.  So find out how to remove blood stains from a carpet or upholstery below.

First, the stain should be blotted with water and then a dishwashing detergent/water mix.

After flushing thoroughly with water, the detergent mixture should be used again with a few drops of ammonia.

Stain Remover Products Work Well On Blood Stains

The fabric or carpet should again be flushed with water. A proprietary stain remover should be used next for best results. In the absence of such an agent, hardy and fade-resistant fabrics can be treated with hydrogen peroxide or a non-chlorine colour-fast bleach may be used to soak the affected material overnight.

If the stain still persists, a rust removing fluid may work. Don’t be tempted to rub or brush the stain as this will make it spread. When using chemicals as well as water, ensure that the fabric is completely flushed after each addition to make each separate treatment as effective as possible.

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