Coffee stain are persistent and difficult to remove, so you must take action fast! Read how to remove coffee stains from a carpet below:

Black  Or White Coffee Stains

Flush the affected material with water. It may be enough to remove a light stain without any further action.Black coffee should be blotted with water and rinsed thoroughly.

Blotting with laundry detergent will often take care of a persistent coffee stain. After rinsing, blot the stain with water and detergent mixed with a few drops of vinegar. Rinse thoroughly and if the stain persists still then try a little hydrogen peroxide.

Final Step For White Coffee Stains

White coffee requires the same first two steps as black coffee, then mild detergent with ammonia should be used. Rinse thoroughly and then use an enzyme based detergent to clear off the remainder.

If You Can’t Get The Stains Out

If your efforts to clean your carpet fail or you don’t want to take the job on yourself, please call us.

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