If you have to remove lipstick or lip gloss stains from your carpet, you will probably need to use several methods to completely clean the marks away.

In the first instance blot the stain with some nail polish remover.  Make sure you rinse thoroughly.

Next, blot the stain with a commercial spot remover such as stain devil. Rinse thoroughly.

Then try the washing up liquid solution described in the removing alcohol stains from a carpet tips. Rinse thoroughly.

If that fails, blot with the ammonia solution suggested in the removing an alcohol stain section. Rinse thoroughly.

Try the solution of 1 cup of white vinegar to 2 cups of water.

If You Still Haven’t Managed To Remove Lipstick

As a final step before calling a professional carpet cleaner, try the spot removal tip suggested in the Removing Coca Cola (Coke) stains from a carpet section.