If  you need to remove mud or other stains from a carpet, Cleaning Direct offer a thorough professional service direct to your door.

We offer a brief guide on how to remove mud from a carpet or upholstery below.  However, if you want to remove doubt and stress from your carpet cleaning, the professionals have the equipment and products to take care of it for you.

Remove Mud From Your Carpet Or Upholstery

First, brush or scrape away as much of the mud as possible. The remaining stain is best approached with a pre-treatment of 1/4 teaspoon dishwashing detergent in 125ml water applied directly to the fabric or carpet.

Do not rub the fabric together, but pat the treated fabric with the back of a spoon. Wash affected area thoroughly. If the stain remains, a paste made with a powdered laundry detergent and a little water should be added directly to it. After leaving the paste for a few minutes, the area should again be washed thoroughly.

Always make sure that any chemicals used to treat a stain are thoroughly rinsed out before trying the next stage. Combining chemicals can reduce efficiency and produce toxic compounds.

If your efforts to clean your carpet fail or you don’t want to take the job on yourself, please call us for expert professional carpet cleaning in Birmingham and the surrounding area, on 0121 440 3379, or click here to contact us for more information on carpet cleaning in Birmingham.