Coke stains (Coca-Cola) can contain more than one staining chemical.  The most common cola colourant is caramel and it can cause very obvious staining of lighter fabrics, carpets and rugs.

These stains can be removed completely from your carpet or upholstery, but the best results are achieved when the stain is tackled soon after it has happened.

The method used is the same as the one suggested in the how to clean alcoholic drink stains from a carpet section.

Removing Coke Stains With A Spot Removal Kit

If this fails, then try using a spot-removal kit, which can be purchased at carpet retailers. These kits often contain a stain-resisting solution which is designed to be applied after a detergent solution.


Applying the stain-resisting solution before the stain has been completely removed may make the stain permanent.

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